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Our Mission

Facilitate our people in offering superior performance to our valued customers and Foster an environment that enables growth and nurtures leaders.

Our Vision

To add significant value to our client’s business by providing software services and products of the highest standards and continuously improving our processes to drive efficiencies.

Our Values

Respect for human dignity and esteem,Empowerment,Empathy and Respect for personal aspirations.

Our Focus

To help people and children suffering from Speech & Hearing Disorders.

About Danaah Medical Technologies

Danaah Global Technology Pvt Ltd is a software development company which builds Softwares related to Speech and Hearing Issues.

We are first in the world who developed poducts related to Speech and Hearing where it helps the children and adults who are suffering from Speech and Hearing related issues.

People especially children with Voice & Hearing Disorders are very big in No.Speech and language impairments require long term attention, generally remain manageable. To overcome this,We have brought a revolutionized approach to Communication, Hearing & Speech Disorders with Researched therapy applications which are software based to strengthen service delivery including rehabilitation & hearing screening.

Ours is the World that is ruled by World of Sounds whether we Hear or we Speak. It is the duty of this modern society to bridge the gap between the outsider and the World Full of Sounds.

Our Products that brings teams together

— Intelligent apps that help you do your best work.

Tinnitus Station

Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external sound is present. It is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears”. A split second of blast and a lifetime of head noise

We design, develop also offer software and training, support and service. The pivot of your Clinical Practice of Tinnitus. Adding a great tool to your health care unit. We offer packages for running Tinnitus Speciality Clinics.

Tinnitus Trio

Tinnitus Trio is a combination of Composite Modulated Music(CMM), Composite Modulated Tones(CMT) and Composite Modulated Noise(CMN)

Tinnits Trio is a copmlete package for tinnitus combining the best evidence based practices in the Industry.

Speech Station

Speech Station uses the unique approach of integrating sensory and cognitive training to improve listening using auditory training exercises.

SPEECH STATION language strategies incorporates - •Visualizing •Connecting •Evaluating •Questioning •Inferring •Synthesizing •Stabilizing

Voice Assesment

VOICE ASSESSMENT software is based on a set of Phoniatric data and Sophisticated real-time signal analysis.

One of the key tools of VOICE ASSESSMENT is the real-time spectrum for visualizing, differentiating and comparing articulatory movements and speech interactivities.

Cochlear Habilitator

It is a unique virtual sound laboratory to train hearing impaired children & cochlear implantees. A systematic array of auditory training modules with colorful pictures, environmental examples & real & articulated sounds.

Segregational material which is Age as well as Intellect related. A full dedicated statistical data of the work done with patient at every stage auditory verbal therapy.

Software Technology

Speech Generating Device

Professional Version
  • Hospitals & Clinics.
  • Rehabilitation Centers.
  • Universities.
  • Speech & Hearing Centers.
Home Training Program
  • Prime Programs.
  • Parents can train at home.
  • Advanced Technology in World.
  • User Friendly.
Other Features
  • Parents can train the children in urban and rural areas.
  • The operations are simple and user friendly.
  • Training will be imparted on usage and online support all through.

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