The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, Come join with us.

  • Why Danaah Medical Technologies ?

    Danaah is People powered and driven company. Danaah Management believes that individuals and teams, when given the opportunity and the right environment, display a business focus that combine to produce exceptional results for our customers and for Danaah. Our goal is to establish such an environment and to encourage our people to seize the opportunity to create new and better solutions, especially as we and our customers face the challenges of changing business environments worldwide.
    At Danaah we recognize people are the most important assets and hence the working environment is made so much fun loving that every working day is a look forward and brings in more commitment. This work culture is defined by people as their ideas and their experience enriches and makes Danaah a unique choice.
  • Learning & Development

    The day you join Danaah is the day you open the door to an array of new learning and development opportunities.
    You will be selected to work with us not only because you have the right skills and passion, but also because you have the capacity and desire to evolve your skills in the future so we are always ready to face new and continuously changing business challenges.
    Develop and upgrade Scientific, Technical and non-technical skills to ensure our experts are delivering best-in-class solutions to our customers
    Specialized training courses and modules to assist graduates at the earliest opportunity
    Mentoring programs at all levels of our business to guide, support and motivate our people to reach their full potential.
  • Employee Benefits

    A safe working environment.
    Annual health checks.
    A highly conducive and enabling work atmosphere.
    Identification of employees to help them realize their true potential through the various training programs.
  • Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.!

  • Career Path

    Danaah Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd. values dynamic and motivated professionals with extensive experience of the demands and practices of the Technical Skills.
    Your energy and knowledge are attributes we welcome and encourage. Your skills set you apart and we will give you great opportunity to maximize all the possibilities that will be open to you.
    Danaah Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd, its divisions and affiliates will provide challenges and experiences that will enable you to undertake the best work of your life in an international organisation offering both local and global opportunities.
  • Job Openings

    Any Job Opportunities will be posted here.
  • Fraud Alert and Disclaimer for Danaah Job Applicants

    At Danaah, our reputation is one of our important business assets and our integrity towards all our stakeholders is of paramount importance. Danaah is committed to providing the safest possible environment for you to search and apply to jobs and manage your career.
    We bring to the notice of all concerned that we, at Danaah, have deployed a merit-based employee selection practice. Any job offer from Danaah will be posted on our website at The formal application process for any job aspirant will involve an application screening process and will always include at least one in-person interview with a Danaah representative.
    We do not charge / accept any amount or security deposit from job seekers during the selection process or while inviting candidates for an interview.
    Fake job offers in the name of fictitious entities with similar name to Danaah may be circulated in some websites by some fraudsters. If you come across any such persons or entities who is posing as part of Danaah Tech and are fraudulently offering jobs online on certain websites or through telephone calls, soliciting prospective candidates for job with the logo of Danaah and thereby illegally proclaiming themselves that they are employees / representatives of Danaah and are asking them to deposit some amount in certain bank accounts, please do not pay/ deposit such money. These e-mails /communications must be ignored.
    If you receive any such suspicious or fraudulent offers or interview call, we request you to please intimate us immediately through email with 'Fake Interview Call' in the subject line.

Danaah Medical Technologies