About Danaah Medical Technologies

Ours is the World that is ruled by World of Sounds whether we Hear or we Speak. It is the duty of this modern society to bridge the gap between the outsider and the World Full of Sounds Through our software.

About Us

Who we are?

Danaah Medical Technologies is headquatered at Mysore (India). It has the out thrust of science and technology with strong team of 50 members comprising of Software Development, Research, Clinical and Marketing focused personnel with specialties to their accreditation credits with school of knowledge and creativity. Armed with concepts and technologies. It is setting stages for success in speech and Hearing. We have five organized software as Products .

People especially children with Voice & Hearing Disorders are very big in number. Speech and language impairments require long term attention, generally remain manageable. To overcome this, We have brought a revolutionized approach to Communication, Hearing & Speech Disorders with Researched therapy applications which are software based to strengthen service delivery including rehabilitation & hearing screening.

Danaah Medical Technologies